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AQW - Secret Room And Secret Armour ( Armor )

tehg6project - vues: 132,248 - Ajouter sur Francetudiant

Hi, This Is Cam - Chicken Fiddler - With Hivlik - A Fan :D - Showing you a secret room where you can get secret armour that looks kinda cool :D You Have to type /join northlands and then follow what we do on screen! If you liked this video please like and favourite, there are two more secret rooms to find which we will be showing you in future videos so be sure to subscribe for that! Thanks For Watching! Another Awesome Channel to Check Out! - http://www.youtube.com/user/TheG6Predator IGNORE: AQW Adventure Quest World New Update New Armor Armour New Weapons Epic Rarity Treasure Chest AC's Adventure Coins Magic Keys Awesome Guide Artix Entertainment New! World undead Slayer Necromancer NEW! NEW Mod Moderator Secret room New Armour OMFG WTF BBQ