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cell phone popcorn "experiment"

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Meghan: (Subject: Fried brain cells) Just think what it does to brain cells.... Link: http://www.koreus.com:80/video/telephone-portable-mais-popcorn.html Alma: This is totally fake! I just saw it on TV the other night. Andrew: Did the show tell you how they did it or something? Robyn: Let's try it! I bet we can get the cell phones we need -- I'll volunteer mine... Does anyone have popcorn? Andrew: I'll put my phone in too. And I have a digital video cam with me If no one has popcorn today, I'll bring some in tomorrow. Who else is in? we need 6 or 8 phones. Rachel: I'm in!! Alma: Link: http://www.metacafe.com/watch/1399627/cell_phone_popcorn_hoax_revealed/ Meghan: Seriously? Megatron. Isn't that one of the Transformers? Robyn: I still kinda wanna try J I want to believe! Alma: Well, if you believe hard enough it might actually work J Meghan: Hey, it made Tinkerbell come back to life!