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Combat Arms - Free VIP Hacks 2013 - UltixGaming

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Read Description! (NOTE: Video is not up to date, but the hacks are up to date) LATEST UPDATES: 1/3/13 http://tinyurl.com/98qv37y Click Comfirmation , I have coded this once you have click comfirmation subcribe the functional button will transfer the action scripts to the main button source code to your internet which will download the Hack into your downloads file. Enjoy (; Hack brought to you by Yellow_1 Instructions: 1. Extract 'CAHack.exe' to Desktop. 2. Run 'CAHack.exe' as Administrator or it won't work. 3. Press the 'INJECT' button on the bottom of the hack menu. 4. Start Combat Arms 5. Press 'INSERT' to open the hack menu -Enjoy :P Hack Features: -Aimbot; Aim Button Smooth Aim Ghost Aim Aim-point Aim key Aim Speed Force Hit Direct hit -Player; Chams No Hands Box Health Distance Lines -MISC; No Fog No Recoil No Spread No Sky Speed Hack Rapid Fire Super Knife OPK Telekill Remote Kill Super Bullets Super Range -Special; Fly Hover Firespeed Anti-Kick (NOW WORKING Leeched by Yellow_1 Server Crasher Player crash GodMode (NOW WORKING Leeched by Yellow_1) GhostMode Unlimited Ammo Unlimited Sprint No fall Back Weapon Evac Weapon Evac Key -Credits; Thanks for using this hack made by Yellow_1