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Dragon Nest - 50 Altea's Box Opening Prairie Town

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[CH 5] Prairie Town PLS READ THE DESCRIPTION WHEN YOUR FINISH WATCHING THIS VIDEO IF YOU DONT WANT TO WATCH THIS VIDEO READ THE DESCRIPTION WATCH THIS FOR ANOTHER ALTHEA BOX OPENING 100 Althea's Box Opening Boundary Of Darkness http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EVLqEtGxFuw WATCH THIS FOR ANOTHER ALTHEA BOX OPENING 50Althea's Box Opening Mana Ridge http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=afCG_ifUQD0 Behold the all new Altea's Gacha-Box where you may get a random chance to receive all kinds of goodies including exclusive unreleased items! Featured Potential Rewards: Check out these awesome prizes hidden in the boxes! Note: All prizes received at random. CRIMSON THUNDER HORSE [RED] OR [PINK] Exclusive Unreleased Item! (Req Lvl 24, Movement Speed +70%) [YELLOW CUPID WING] OR [BLACK CUPID WING] Loads of various Epic Skill Heraldries up for grabs! Other Rewards: - More Exclusive unreleased Cash Accessories! - Elixirs (Various: +50% Critical /+70% Knockback Chance/+30% Attack/Etc.) - Cash Shop Dyes (Hair/Eye/Skin Colours) - Item Protection Magic Jelly Bundle - Seal Stamp Bundle - Skill Reset Scroll - Magnifying Glass Bundle - Octagonal Water Bundle - And much more! With the coming of the Christmas season, 3 more goodies are added into the Altea's Gacha Box! With a limited time offer of 990CC per box until January 2012! Additional Goodies in the Altea's Gacha Box: - Golden Cupid Wings +2 To All Stats +10% Movement Speed - White Fox Tail +2%Physical Attack or +2%Magic Attack +2Mp Recovery - Left Cheek Bandage Decal +10% Attack Power +1.0% Defense +10% Magic Attack +1.0%Magic Defense What will Goddess Altea bless you with today? Find out with Altea's Gacha-Box now! 50 ALTHEA'S BOX OPENED 1.[15]Ordinary Agate 2.[10]Condensed Attack Boost Elixir 3.[10]Emergency Critical Boost Elixir 4.[10]Ordinary Agate 5.[15]Premium Mp Potion 6.[10]Antidote 7.[1]Skin Color pouch 8.[10]Rough Topaz 9.[10]Condensed Rigid Elixir 10.[2]Intermidiate Diamond Code [Epic] 11.[15]Premium HP potion 12.[5]Low Grade Diamond Code [Magic] 13.[10]Premium Hp Potion 14.[15]Emergency Energy Potion 15.[10]Emergency Energy Potion 16.[15]Item Protection Magic Jelly 17.[2]Intermidiate Diamond Code [Epic] 18.[2]Low Grade Diamond Code [Epic] 19.[10]Goddess Tear Drop 20.[15]Emergency Critical Boost Elixir 21.[5]Low Grade Diamond Code [Rare] 22.[15]Item Protection Magic Jelly 23.Plate Pocket Heraldry Skills 24.Shiny Emerald Ring stats - STR 15 25.Mysterious Cats Eye Ring stats - vIT 15 26.[5]Intermidiate Diamond Code [Rare] 27.[40]Item Protection Magic Jelly 28.[10]Premium Hp Potion 29.[15]Item Protection Magic Jelly 30.[10]Goddess Tear Drop 31.[2]Low Grade Diamond Code [Epic] 32.Bright Amethyst Ring Stats - STR 10 33.[10]Premium Hp Potion 34.[10]Emergency Critical Boost Elixir 35.[10]Emergency Energy Potion 36.[2]Low Grade Diamond Code [Epic] 37.[10]Messenger Blue Bird 38.[15]Rough Ruby 39.[20]Item Protection Magic Jelly 40.[10]Octagonal Water 41.[20]Seal Stamp 42.[10]Antidote 43.[15]Condensed Defense Boost Elixir 44.[15]Emergency Energy Potion 45.[15]Ordinary Sapphire 46.Shiny Emerald Ring Stats - 47.[1]Eye Color Pouch 48.[10]Rough Topaz 49.[1]Hair Dye Pouch 50.[5]Low Grade Diamond Code [Rare] I HOPE YOU ENJOY WATCHING