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Franco : Mamou (translation of lyrics)

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afro rap asili thats what i thought when i first heard this song in 1991 mombasa kenya.Then the story started to build its a congalese artist,singing in lingala,but i hear it in every bar i go into either early evening or late nearly morning and this is kenya land of swahili na english,i love the sax motif the guitar rif,the rythimic spoken word when young wanna be rap an ragga artists came to the studio, keen to do there take on shabba ranks,bennie man shaun paul,dr dre,snoop,tupac i used to suggest sampling the sax for a track do a homage/ respect track eventually a couple of lads did do something risasi and suzuki used the melody but thet wasnt really the point i was trying to make.too much like just copying. anyway came across this translation and the music is still so sweet after all these years