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Link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=ILQU3R94 IF U WANT TO PLAY IV MP U NEED TO HAVE PATCH!!!!! 1. Download the link ABOVE ! 2.Extract the file inside 3.Go to the title_update_7_EN folder 3.Click on the update and just wait 4.After it is install go the the cracker folder and click on the application and browse to ur gta 4 folder then click install!!! (IF U HAVE MODS USE THE NEW SCRIPTHOOK !!!) ================================================= IF U WANT IV MP READ BELOW ! !!! 1. .Go to IVMP-0.1-Beta 1-T4 folder and install IV MP (INSTALL IT IN UR GTA 4 DIRECTORY) 2.Go to ur gta 4 folder and double click on LaunchIVMP 3.If u have mods and xlive.dll put xlive.dll on ur desktop and if u want to use it on singleplayer put it back in! and use the new scripthook !