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Homemade Geiger Counter Dosimeter

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This is a Homemade Geiger Counter and Dosimeter project, using a SBM-20-1 GM tube, controlled by an ATtiny2313 microcontroller (PWM output). The tube was bought from the GsTube. The transformer for the HV supply was obtained from a PCI Fax/Modem (Model: VPI56SPA). How to obtain the uSv/h value for your GC project using other tubes: First you need your tube datasheet. Find the cps/mR/h value calibrated for ex. Cs137 source. For my tube (SBM20) this value is 25 cps/mR/h for Cs137. Here is the formulas: 1000 / 25 = 40 this is the period of time (in seconds) where one count equals 1uR/h. CPM * 40 / 6000 = uSv/h. CPM * 40 / 60 = uR/h Schematics and firmware: http://cyberelectronics.org/ Use for educational purposes only!