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How To Make A Firecracker Cannon Out Of Regular Household Items

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How to make a canon out of household items: You Will Need: 5grams prestick 1 medicine supplementer 1 knife 2 tom thumb firecrackers How To Make: Step 1: Pull out center piece of supplementer then cut the closed end off. Step 2: Take larger clear piece and drop 1 tom thumb firecracker into the pipe try to get the fuse through the hole in the bottom. Step 3: Insert center piece into the clear plastic pipe and secure with prestick. Step 4: Insert 2nd tom thumb firecracker into the top with the fuse facing down Step 5: Make pile of rocks or construct a holster for your canon Step 6: light fuse at bottom of canon, step back and watch the fireworks. Step 7: To reload, repeat steps 2,3,4,6