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How to Make Homemade Yoshi Plush Dolls

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Wanna make a homemade Yoshi Plush Doll Everyone in the world? When watching the video, you all need to do the following steps: 1. get 9 ingredients 2. get 2 paper towls and fold them, but don't cut them. 3. Draw a Yoshi using a permanent marker only on a piece of 2 paper towels (any uniform you want, or you can have no uniforms.). 4. Cut the drawing of that Yoshi. 5. Cut a piece of soft fleece. 6. Put the picture and the piece of soft fleece together like a sandwich. 7. Staple the edges. 8. Paint anyway you want. 9. You're done. 10. Let it dry until it's dry. 11. It's dry. 12. Snuggle with it tonight when you go to bed, if you want to. Today, I made a Light Blue one with Yellow shoes