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Jal Kamping - Best Summer Camp in Albania - Live

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7 Days Camping in Albania (For a group not more than 10) 1.Day: Arrival at Mother Teresa Airport (Tirana), (or Arrival at Durresi Port) Welcome Party with introduction of the program for 7 Days. An alternative program, which can be influenced by the group, will be presented. Showing films on adventure tourism in Albania. Accommodation overnight at Tirana youth hostel. 2.Day: Vlora -- Llogara -- Palasa - Dhërmi Leaving Tirana we drive to Vlora, on our specialized overland vehicles. Orikum Approximately mid-morning we visit the interesting ancient city of Oricum. We stop at the convenient stopping point of the journey between Greece and Italy. Ancient sources (for instance, Herodotus) describe it as a limen, or harbor. Park of Llogara Continuing, we drive to the highpoint of the national park of Llogara, (Ceraunian Mountains) at about 2,018m of altitude, with interesting crown shapes, resulting from the tides of wind. Pisha Flamur" (Flag Pine), a rare monument of nature with scientific and touristic values is an astonishing example of it. This park offers a fine and attractive landscape and characteristic areas with dominant points. Its vegetation consists mainly of such conifers as the black pine and ash-tree. Drimates Afterwards, we follow to Drimates beach, which offers the perfect escape from the stresses of everyday life. In front of us, more than 4 miles of spectacular coastline where, according to the legend, Julius Caesar fought the hardest battle during his war with Pompey. Dhermi Further along the South Coast, approximately 20 minutes away, we stop at Dhermi village. Laid back and beautiful, unique and rustic, Dhermi is Heaven. If it's nightlife you're after, you've come to the right place: top clubs and on-form djs.