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Minecraft Cracked Server 1.6.2. 24/7 No Hamachi needed!

dodico20 - vues: 61,965 - Ajouter sur Francetudiant

Minecraft cracked server, 1.6.2 Join now! Hamachi NOT Required. IP below. Bonuscraft server IP: bestmc.no-ip.org Server is up! Video is outdated, new server is going on, all drops have changed and this is a survival server, some things are harder, and others are easier, all around it;s a good new server with much of the things shown in the video but more. (outdated below) Everyone is basically a OP (admin) right now! PVP is on, dozens of server mods, and everything is free for the building! CTF, war, NPC, chest locking, warps, set homes, tp, and fly mods allowed.