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Minecraft Sky Diving

ninjaarmy36 - vues: 7,181 - Ajouter sur Francetudiant

This is just a video i made when i was bored of me "skydiving" in minecraft. The only mod i used to do this just SDK's gun mod(link below). And using it I got some cannons and put obsidian all around them so they wouldn't blow a giant crater. And the I put redstone on all the obsidian blocks, put a lever on one, packed all the cannons with 15 TNT each, and pulled the lever. Then when I reentered the atmosphere(lol) I used my parachute(also in SDK's gun mod) and flew towards where I launched. So enjoy the video :). Link to SDK's gun mod- http://adf.ly/196f8 Also be sure to check out extremegamehacks.com for all your hacking needs.