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Moughenda Mickala at the 2009 DPA Conference on Vimeo

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Moughenda Mickala, the first Bwiti Shaman to speak at a drug conference. The DPA conference in New Mexico 2009. Moughenda is the owner and founder of Iboga House and ibogahouse.com. Patrick Moughenda Mikala, a Nganga (shaman, priest) of the Massango and Mitsogho tribes in Gabon, founder of Iboga House and http://www.Ibogahouse.com speaks about about "Bwiti and Iboga, Working properly and safely with Iboga and Ibogaine" at the 2009 Drug Policy Alliance conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and was the first time a Bwiti Nganga has given a presentation at any drug policy conference