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The Cell Theory Song

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The Cell Theory Song Mr. Tamez Lyrics: CHORUS All living things are composed of cells Cells are the basic units of structure and function in living things New cells are produced from existing cells VERSE 1 Back then was a guy named Hooke, cut some cork and he had a look Underneath his microscope tiny rooms that he saw in groups Empty rooms that looked like shells He's the one that called them cells Listen up cause we're not done Cell theory had just begun Add one scientist to know the inventor of the microscope Anton von Leeuwenhoek saw cells move and he was like "That's dope" PRE CHORUS Cell theory, cell theory, cell theory, cell theory, cell theory, go! VERSE 2 If you thought this was complete take a breath and have a seat Two scientists to have their say Schleiden and Schwann to save the day Schleiden said all plants have cells they are alive and we can tell The next year Mr. Schwann could see all animals have cells that live and breathe Oh they live and breathe Live and breathe BRIDGE In 1855, Rudolph Virchow proposed that all cells Come from other cells This was the final discovery That ended cell theory cell theory