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Toribash Decap Kick Tutorial

staceygal24 - vues: 4,536 - Ajouter sur Francetudiant

Welcome, to my SECOND toribash decap tut. Ooooo, what a large number. So in this one I will be showing you another one made COMPLETELY by me. It can be called whatever as I do not have a name for it yet. Engage Distance: 200 Match Frames: I recommend 150 unless you want to add something. Turn one. Hold all.(Press 'c') Extend Ankles. Contract Knees. Contract Glutes. Raise Shoulders. Space x6. Turn two. Extend Knees. And add a finish or press 'p' to let it go on by itself. Dont forget to..... Comment,Rate,Subscribe, Favorite, and Friend Request. Heh'. Try sayin' that fast 3 times. Thanks for watching. Oh and the song. Lol. That was a joke, I thought it was funny because, it was the recommended tracks.....which is a little odd since Im kicking Uke's head off so I thought it'd be necasssery(Funny.) to put this song on.

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