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Tribal Wars English Private Server

evilcrushing - vues: 25,587 - Ajouter sur Francetudiant

This is my TW private server. As you can read on the tw forums you are NOT allowed to host any private server online, thus this is just for showing you what it is and how it looks like. Although the normal DSlan version (that's how offline tw is called) is completely in german, I've found an english version on their forums: The link is dead :P . The size is approx 200 MB when unzipped. You can change all the rates you want like the farm size, the speed, the storage cap... You can also change images if u want... I'm currently also trying to add a new unit, which is almost finished (planning on calling it berserker, as I'm going to make it the strongest melee unit). READ THIS: check the comment of steffengy below to see the new site ;) twlan . org (without spaces of course)