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Winchester 1894 Reassembly

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Reassembly of a Winchester 94 carbine, 1950 manufacture. First off, I screwed up on names of parts a fair bit. Do as I mean, not as I say ;) This was meant as a quick how to if you needed some tips etc. Secondly, I did it fast and dirty, this is my first instructional video, so it's a bit rough. For those looking for a better guide on disassembly and reassembly, this is the best I've found: http://www.castbullet.com/misc/tdown.htm Other notes - I know some post 64 models use roll pins, etc etc. Meh, it's all the same. Also, realised I'm confusing some early and late model guns when I said that the hammer spring bears directly against the bottom of the hammer on early guns... it's one or the other, doesn't matter much either way.